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Summer Camp

This year, RentMyTutor.com partnered with the IDB for its virtual “Cheer Fair ” which ran during the period August 9th – 27th  2021. 

Camps we hosted for IDB this year:

Our Summer Camps:

Give your child an experience in STEM education this Summer!

This year we are offering three (3) fun and interactive camps. They include:
1. Learn Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
2. Website Design using HTML
3. Learn C++

Did you know that there were tons of benefits of having a STEM education? Let’s explore a few:

  1. Fosters ingenuity and creativity:

Ingenuity and creativity can pair with STEM and lead to new ideas and innovations. Without ingenuity and creativity, the recent developments in artificial intelligence or digital learning would not be possible. These technologies were created by people who… READ MORE

So why is STEM so important you might wonder? CLICK HERE to read more!