Welcome to Rent My Tutor!

We are the Caribbean’s 1st edTech providing online tutoring for junior, high school and adults preparing for academic success at the national & regional examination levels.

Our students are matched with the highest quality level of tutors – many of whom are experienced teachers – who can meet and exceed your child’s educational needs.

With the rise of STEM-related jobs in the marketplace, Rent My Tutor seeks to include STEM education in its courses to teach students teamwork, creativity, and real-world problem-solving skills for success in school and beyond.

How Online Tutoring Works:


Online tutoring operates in many ways to traditional tutoring. These similarities include:

  • Students follow the National Curriculum
  • Qualified tutors assist with engaging lessons
  • Homework is set and marked by tutors
  • Students take part in collaborative classroom learning
  • Formative feedback is provided for students
  • Timely feedback on quizzes and assessments
Benefits of Enrolling with Us:​

Our Mission and Vision

Rent My Tutor is on a mission to create a Caribbean Community of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learners by strengthening student’s academic skills using IT tools.

We pledge to:

1. Help students learn by utilizing technology tools and Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) education

2. Assist educators to realize the benefits of how technology can transform their teaching and learning experience in and out of the classroom

3. Mentor, nurture and train learners who are interested in careers in STEM

We help provide our students with the skills and knowledge to be prepared and successful in the college, university or career of their choices. Students will experience limitless possibilities of technology as we inspire the next generation using tomorrow’s technology – ‘today’.

Using technology in education, we will develop a digital ready generation, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our learners will have access to a premiere online learning platform, where both student and teacher can excel in a technology-rich, global environment at their own workspace or in the classroom.