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Rent My Tutor allows you to take your academic journey step by step. Our secure and robost eLearning platform was designed with the perfect recipe to provide our students with the ideal learning experience. We are the Caribbean’s first EdTech that offers a wide range of online education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineeing & Math) services!

Rent My Tutor provides awesome ways for you to enjoy your online classroom experience, whether it is online courses or classes. Our trained and certified eTutors will ensure that your learning experience is an exciting one. We guarantee you an exceptional learning experience.

Our Online Tutoring services include:

  • Primary School Level (Infant year) 
  • Secondary School Level (CSEC)
  • Repeater Level (CSEC) and, 
  • STEM Education

We also provide STEM training at schools (physically & virtually), online computer literacy training for Teachers/Educators, Professionals and anyone else wanting to learn how to use a computer and navigate the Internet.

What we Offer    

Earn and redeem reward coins as you learn
Earn and redeem reward coins while you learn
  • Individualized or bundled courses. Enroll in more than one class and SAVE money or just sign up to get extra tutoring.
  • Collaborate, connect and share your ideas with other students & eTutors (locally, regionally or internationally).
  • Create your own user profile, personalize it and much more.
  • Secure messaging service allows students and eTutors to keep in touch & up-to-date with the latest news.
  • Access to any of your online devices using Zoom as your video conferencing service provider.
  • Buy multiple “seats” for your employees with our Professional Development Courses instead of single courses.
  • Monthly subscription plans and pay online using our secure online payment facility.
  • A gamified online learning platform which makes students learning experience an exciting one, as it motivates and engages students through its Coins Rewards System.
  • A Coins System designed to retain students’ attention, entertain and engage them and at the same time teach them. This feature makes learning more effective and more fun!
  • Get reward coins as you register, complete courses, pass quizzes and do other activities. You can then redeeem coins and unlock new courses.
  • Upload your assignments or use our timed online quizzes and receive faster feedback from your eTutor.
  • Get an opportunity to try the first lesson of your course for 14-days FREE.
  • Need extra help? No problem, your current eTutor can assign a co-eTutor to you by joining the course.
  • Upon completion of our courses, receive a digitized eCertificate with your own unique digital number (Hacker Proof).