Schedule Assessment

How Can I Sign Up?

To sign up is easy! In three (3) simple steps, you can sign up with us!


Step 1:


  • Assess your Child

Schedule a FREE 1 hour assessment for your child to get an idea of their strengths and weeknesses in the subject area(s).

To do this, simply:

(a) Select the class you wish the student to be assessed [e.g Std. 5 English Language or Form 5 ADD Maths]

(b) Select your preferred date and time on the calendar (NB: Please book 24-hours in advance prior to your preferred date for your child’s asssessment). 

(c) Select your preferred date on the calendar

Step 2:


  • Get a Tutor

Based on your child’s assessment, Rent My Tutor, assigns your child to a tutor that best fits your child for their 1st FREE session with us.


Step 3:


  • Complete your payment

Once that’s completed, you then make your payment (via credit card, WiPay or online transfer) and we will see you for the next class!

It’s really that simple!