Std. 3 English Language Arts

In this live and interactive SEA English Language class, students will have fun by playing games with nouns, verbs, adjectives, subject verb agreement, adverbs and much more. Based on the national curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, students will be prepared to get a jumpstart to enjoy the new school year’s english lessons.

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What are Nouns? - Std. 3

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Nouns – Std. 3 Lesson
2 hours

In this lesson, students will learn what is a Noun and be able to identify different types of nouns:

  • Common Nouns
  • Proper Nouns
  • Collective Nouns
  • The Use of 'A' and 'AN'
  • Abstract Nouns
  • The Apostrophe


Plural of Nouns - Std. 3

Singular & Plural Nouns – Std. 3
2 hours

In this lesson, students will be able to create plural nouns and use them in sentences.

Reference may be made to the four types of gender:

  • Masculine
  • Feminine
  • Common
  • Neuter

What are Verbs? - Std. 3

The Infinitive – Std. 3
20 minutes

In this lesson, students will learn the infinitive form by adding 'to' the Present Tense of the verb

Verbs – Std. 3
1 hour

In this lesson, students will learn what is a Verb, to conjugate the verbs 'to be,' and 'to have.'

Tenses – Std. 3
2 hours

In this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify the verb and tense in a sentence
  • Write a sentence using the past, present, or future tense

Analysis of Simple Sentences - Std. 3

Sentence vs phrase – Std. 3
2 hours

In this lesson, students will have a better understanding between what is a sentence vs what is a phrase. 

  • What is a Telling Sentence?
  • Subject vs Predicate
  • Subject, Verb and Object 
  • Different kinds of Extensions of Verbs: (a) Extension of Manner (b) Extensioin of Time (c) Extension of Place (d) Extension of Purpose/Reason

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs - Std. 3

Active and Passive Voice – Std. 3

Adjectives - Std. 3

Descriptive, Demonstrative & Quantative Adjectives – Std. 3
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