Std. 1 Math

In this live and interactive SEA Mathematics class, students will have math fun by playing games with numbers, shapes and numerical patterns. Based on the national curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, students will be prepared to get a jumpstart to enjoy the new school year’s math lessons.

Our 40+ activities allow children to become confident at recognising numbers as numerals and pictorial representations before recognising them as words. Children will practise recognising and ordering numbers in addition to recognizing numbers from pictorial representation. They will also learn to write numbers in numerals and words. Students will also practise placing numbers on number lines. Students will also learn to count forwards and backwards in steps of 2,3,5 from 0 and in tens, place value of two digit numbers, identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, compare and order numbers (0-100) using <,>, = signs, read and write numbers in numerals and solve problems using place value and number facts.

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Number and Place Value 1 - Std. 1

Counting Forward and Backward up to 100 – Std. 1
2 hours

In this lesson, students will become proficient in counting in a forward and backward direction from 0 - 100.

Odd and Even numbers – Std. 1
2 hours

Upon completion of this lesson, students will have be able to recognise odd and even numbers. Students will partake in a game to further practise this idea. 

More, fewer and the same – Std. 1
2 hours

At the end of this lesson, students will:

  • have a better understanding of the terms more, fewer and the same

Identifying numbers using objects/pictures – Std. 1
2 hours

At the end of this lesson, students will be much more proficient in:

  • identifying and representing numbers using objects and pictorial repesentations 

Quiz #1 – Std. 1

Number and Place Value 2 - Std. 1

Counting Forwards
2 hours

After completing this lesson, students would have learnt how to count forwards and backwards in steps of 2,3,5 from 0 and in tens.

Place Value of 2-digit numbers – Std. 1
2 hours
Compare & Order Numbers (0-100) using (<), (>), (=) signs – Std. 1
2 hours

This lesson provides students with games and activities, including worksheets. Students will be able to order numbers up to to 30, using < and > signs

Other topics in this resource look at counting, grouping and ordering numbers and finding patterns within the number system.

Final Quiz #2 – Std. 1

Certificate Presentation

Virtual Certificate Presentation – Std. 1
1 hour

Students will be presented with their digital certificates upon completion of this course. 

Student's requiring additional tutoring counting numbers up to 100, having difficulties understanding the concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Topics such as solids and plane shapes, measurement (cm, kgs etc.), telling time (analog & digital) & tally charts.
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Duration: 12 weeks
Lectures: 8
Level: Beginner