Form 5 ADD Math

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In this course, the topics are arranged in four sections as follows:

Section 1          –           Algebra and Functions

Section 2          –           Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry

Section 3          –           Introductory Calculus

Section 4          –           Basic Mathematical Applications 

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Algebra and Functions

Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials
10 questions
Addition & subtraction of algebraic expressions – Form 5 ADD Math
Form 5 ADD Math – Mid-Term Exam
10 questions


1) This quiz consists of 10 questions. Answer ALL questions.

2) Select only ONE answer for each question.

3) Show ALL workings. Send screenshots of your work when completed via WhatsApp.


Required Materials

a) Electronic Calculator

b) Graph Paper

Division of a polynomial of degree by a linear or quadratic polynomial – Form 5 ADD Math
Remainder Theorem – Form 5 ADD Math
Factor Theorem – Form 5 ADD Math

Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry

The Equation of a Straight Line – Form 5 ADD Math
120 mins
Parallel vs Perpendicular lines – Form 5 ADD Math
2 hours
Point of Intersection of Two Lines – Form 5 ADD Math


Express the quadractic function
Minimum or Maximum values of a Quadratic Functionn

Basic Mathematical Applications

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Duration: 12 weeks
Lectures: 9
Level: Intermediate