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Tutoring has some very deep historical roots, even as far back as ancient times. Tutoring began as an informal and unstructured method of educational assistance, dating back to periods in Ancient Greece (12th – 9th century) BC. Socrates was a tutor and his pupil, Aristotle, was the tutor of Alexander the Great. In essence, tutoring is an extremely historical method of learning and teaching.


Academies and schools have formed and flourished since ancient times and in the 19th century, tutoring eventually made its way to the budding Western culture. Tutoring can be compared to a personal trainer but with a purpose to exercise the mind. Tutors inspire through education and open doors to the personal journey in intellectual growth.


Today, the need for tutoring is utilized for many reasons including learning assistance, standardized test preparation and to deepen understanding. It’s beneficial to learn something new everyday at any stage in life. The world of tutoring opens many doors. The ability to learn one-on-one benefits both the teacher and student.


Much has changed since ancient times. Modern day tutoring agencies have evolved to tremendous lengths. Fortunately, tutoring agencies still hold the same belief system in assisting individuals to think on their own accordance and obtain deep understanding. is an online tutoring service that not only offers excellent tutoring assistance for junior, middle-school and high-school students through standardized test preparation establishment with a strong philosophy in student success. At we believe that every student should be tutored using STEMrelated activities as this enables students to use their very own special way of absorbing and learning. Students are like sponges and carry unique learning abilities. Our job is to find them and make them work.


At, our deep philosophy radiates the desire to make the world a  better place through education. Culture has evolved from ancient roots and the students of today are tomorrow’s future.’s team of elite educated tutors are dedicated in assisting students to grow, learn and succeed in all that is in the world of education.